Minute steaks with potatoes in cream sauce

2 portions

4 minute steaks (60–70 g each)
8 slices of bacon
100 g gorgonzola
1 pkt. baby spinach (70 g)

Potatoes in cream sauce

5 medium size potatoes
4 dl single cream
½ onion
50 g gorgonzola
1 dl milk
salt and pepper

Peel and dice the potatoes and rinse in cold water. Fry the bacon and dry off the fat on kitchen paper. Place the minute steaks on a cutting-board and place two slices of bacon on each. Put the gorgonzola and spinach on top of the bacon and wrap the steaks to make a sausage shape. Fry quickly in a hot pan; 1½ minutes per side – start with the overlap downwards (NB save a little spinach for garnishing)

Put the Omnia oven on a relatively low heat and pour the cream into the food holder with the peeled and chopped the onions and diced potatoes. Allow to simmer for 35–40 minutes. Add the gorgonzola and salt and pepper to taste. Place the prepared minute steaks in the food holder when the potatoes are nearly ready and allow to simmer for 5–10 minutes. Garnish with the remaining spinach before serving.